4 Examples of Passive Solar House Plans 1

The basic principles behind passive solar home design become more challenging when they must fit individual needs, tastes and preferences and the restrictions of the site where the home will be built.  There are many ways to do this.  Here are some examples of passive home designs that meet different needs and building sites.


Island Rose Passive Solar Home

Island Rose Passive Solar Home

Island Rose

This home was designed for a large acreage with beautiful views in all directions.  This spacious design features a loft office and family room, three bedrooms on the main floor and a dance floor in the walkout basement.  The home was built near Saskatoon, with a grid-tied solar power system, solar hot water and a geothermal system. (View floorplans)




Westview Passive Solar Home

Westview Passive Solar Home


This design was based on our original experimental home but was modified to fit a small town lot that faced west.  Since the best view was also to the west, the southwest corner features an angled wall with a viewing window and extra windows on the west wall.  Keeping the windows shorter and at viewing height reduces the overheating effect of the afternoon sun while still affording a view.  (View floorplans)



Gardenview Solar Home

Gardenview Solar Home


Designed for a Saskatoon city lot, the owners of this home wanted a large attached garage, upstairs bedrooms and a small footprint.  The south windows of the living/dining/kitchen area overlook the back yard and a large garden area.  The upper level has a small foyer overlooking the garden. (View floorplans)



Homestead Passive Solar Home

Rural Retreat Off-grid Solar Home

Rural Retreat

This affordable, yet spacious bungalow with panoramic views was designed as an off-grid retreat on a beautiful wooded acreage in Ontario, Canada. The 1280 square foot home features a large vaulted living and dining with panoramic views to the south. This also acts as a solar collector for the passive solar design.  A pellet or wood stove offers warmth and atmosphere on cool winter evenings.  A stone mass wall behind the stove stores excess solar heat.  The convenient L-shaped kitchen has a large island overlooking the living room area and the views to the south and west. (View floorplans)


Visit Suncatcher Solar Home Designs for more examples of passive solar designs and to view floor plans and to buy the Construction Drawings.  You can also buy a Study Set to have a more detailed look at the plans before deciding to purchase the full set of drawings.  Plans are priced at $995 for the Construction Drawings and $29.95 for the Study Set.

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