SaskPower Promotes Renewable Energy with a 20% Net Metering Rebate Program 0

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In Saskatchewan solar electricity now costs less than than traditional utility power.

Solar power – the environmentally friendly solution to producing your own electricity – is now also the least expensive source of electricity for SaskPower customers.

Why Solar Power Costs Less than Utility Power

Solar technology and pricing has improved dramatically in the last few years.  Solar equipment for grid-tied systems now have a 25 year warranty and even longer expected lifetime.

Solar panel prices have dropped dramatically over the last few years as the technology is implemented extensively world wide.  In Saskatchewan, with  the 20% rebate and net metering program, solar is now cost competitive with traditional sources of energy such as coal and natural gas.  For a typical home solar would cost about 9 cents per kWh.  The cost of electricity supplied by SaskPower is about 12 cents per kWh – this includes the GST which, of course, you do not pay on your own sun-generated power.   The number of solar panels you need depends on how much electricity you use, so the cost of solar per kWh will vary depending on your system size – larger systems have a lower cost per kWh and an even better return on investment.

Cost of Solar versus Grid Power

Cost of Solar versus Utility Power

In 25 years the cost of utility power could easily quadruple – the cost of sunlight will not.
SaskPower’s forward thinking incentive to encourage renewable energy makes solar power a great investment with immediate savings.

20% Rebate Program – the Details

The 20% Rebate is available as a one time payment to SaskPower, Saskatoon Light & Power and City of Swift Current electricity customers until November 30, 2018.

In return, customers are asked to provide access to their equipment and utility records for 18 months prior to — and 10 years after — the installation.   The energy production data and utility billing records are critical for SaskPower to measure the positive environmental impacts of the program, and will help to make improvements or refinements in the future.  SaskPower is developing a long-term customer-side Renewable Plan.

What does the 20% rebate include?

The following costs are eligible for the rebate:

  • material and installation costs to a maximum rebate of $20,000 for a $100,000 system
  • costs for the energy production meter

The maximum rebate applies per service, so a barn and house on distinct services can each have a system.

What costs are not eligible?

  • Safety/engineering analyses and inspections required for compliance with policies of SaskPower or your local electricity provider.
  • Costs required for the utility installed bi-directional meter to be located at the electric utility connection point.
  • First-time new electric service connection charges (if applicable).
  • Permit and inspection costs for relevant municipal building/construction permits, electrical work permits and electrical inspection.

Who is eligible to receive the rebate?

  • Residential customers – new and existing homes
  • Businesses
  • Commercial and industrial customers
  • Non profit organizations
  • Government organizations
Initial rebate applications will be accepted until Nov. 30, 2014 and customers will have about a year to complete the installation after this date.  The program, which is administered through SaskPower,  is for new Net Metering customers only.

Net Metering Program – Getting Credit for the Solar Power You Generate

The companion to the rebate program is the Net Metering Program, which has been available in Saskatchewan for several years.  The net metering program credits you for solar power that you feed back to SaskPower.

You can bank kWh credits for excess power that you deliver into the grid at same rate that you pay for power.  Credits are applied to the next month’s bill.  After 12 months your credits are reset to zero – SaskPower does not pay for any leftover credits at the end of the year.  The anniversary month is set to April for solar so summer credits can be used up over winter.

Net metering offers many benefits for both the customer and the utility.  For customers, the program provides a green, cost-effective  way to generate their own power.  For SaskPower customer-side generation provides an offset of their capital costs, less transmission line losses and environmental benefits.

Put solar Energy to Work for You

The 20% rebate is available for a limited time only.  If you have a good sunny location for solar panels this is a good time to invest in a solar power system and safeguard against utility price increases.

Contact a solar provider, such as Suncatcher Solar, a Saskatchewan company established in 2003, to assess the potential of your site and provide a quote for a suitable solar power system for your needs.


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