Top 10 Reasons to Use Solar Energy 0

Solar Energy is Free

Solar Energy is Free

Technological advances have made solar energy an exciting new source of electricity and heat.  It’s a source that you can tap into for your home or your business.  Here are 10 reasons to use solar energy:

1.  It’s free.  The sun doesn’t send you a monthly bill.

2.  It’s renewable.  Unlike coal, oil and gas, sunshine won’t run out – it just keeps producing.

3.  There’s plenty to go around.  The sun shines everywhere in the world and every minute enough of the its energy reaches the earth to meet all of our energy needs for a whole year. 

4.   It’s clean and emissions free.  The sun, and the technologies that use its energy, do not emit any of the harmful greenhouse gases, carcinogens and pollutants that are so common with fossil fuels.

5.  You can warm up and light up your home for no charge, by designing your home to let the sunshine in.  Passive solar design methods actually use the sun to warm your home in winter and block the sun to keep the house cool in summer.

6.  It can produce free electricity using modern technology such as photovoltaic cells and solar concentrators.  Solar technology has made great strides in the last decade – efficiency is going up and costs are coming down.

7.  It can heat water at no cost to you, using simple ideas like a solar camp shower or more high tech systems like solar collectors that can heat your household water and contribute to radiant in floor heating.

8.  You can use it to produce some of your own electricity and heat, instead of having to buy everything from utility companies.  Many companies will buy your clean electricity or give you a credit against your bills.

9.  Or –  you can be completely self-sufficient by producing all of your own electricity and heat, and not buy anything from the utility companies.

10.  It’s quiet.  Whether you just enjoy the sun’s light and warmth or use one of the many solar technologies to produce electricity or heat, sunshine will never disturb the peace and silence.

What’s your reason to use solar energy?  Tell us about it below.

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